Mahogany Dining Table 12 foot English Victorian


photo: Mahogany Dining Table 12 foot English Victorian
Mahogany Dining Table 12 foot English Victorian

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You are viewing an auction for a Victorianstyle dining table beautiful mahogany which is located in an impressive 12 feet when fully extended.

It’s a sumptuous set dining room suitable for a King and I hope photos this incredible piece some justice. Gather family and friends at the dinner table has one of the most cherished life\ moments, why not do it in total style and comfort. We appreciate is a large initial investment to the table, but this work of art to lasting generations, making it a great relic and investment.

This table has been hand here in England. is the highest quality, and I hope that the pictures illustrate this. The table is Victorian and extends through the lever at one end of the table which prepares the table so that you can remove the leaves or add them to your needs. It also means that the table can be much smaller than for large and daily use for luxurious dinners.

I have shown some photos of combinations of different sizes, in which this can be used.

The table is 153 inches long when fully extended. there are 4 sheets each measuring 18 inches each. If you subtractions 18 of 153 you can work four times to combinations of different lengths, up to the smallest when this is almost a round table with the two ends together halves (see photo).

The table sits very comfortably 8 people. please see the pictures to show how it looks with the chairs around and also extensible mechanism. The table has chunky hand turned legs and are on wheels so you can move it around for easy. This would have been done by artisans on the coast of Norfolk in England, a region famous for this type of furnitur.

We have imagined us the table with a set of chairs style Chippendale, which are also available.

This really is a beautiful set and will serve to your family and friends to generations of pleasure for dinner. Of it is built to last and will make a great heritage.

The seats have been retapizados in a red fabric light so they are clean and ready for use, free of any previous owners, smells like pets and smoke, always a bonus!

The table is in great shape, solid and sturdy, free swing, a grand finale to the mahogany.

We bought the table in a private home and had purchased a residence in Richmond, near London.


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